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Hello, my name is Alan and I am proud to be the owner and founder of EurekaOvencare. We are an established local family business who specialise in professional domestic oven cleaning in Reading, Wantage and Goring and the surrounding areas (within 30 miles). We love cleaning ovens, and have done since 2003. We really appreciate the business from all our regular and new customers. We are proud to say 70% of our business is from recommendation! From the moment you make an enquiry, our primary concern is to give excellent customer service as standard.
For your convenience we accept cash, bank transfers or debit/credit card.

Short video to show how we professionally clean our customers’ ovens


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    Eureka Ovencare

My business is improving your mood, your meals and your cooking experience. Think I’m exaggerating? Picture the scene…
The oven nightmare
It’s been a busy day and you come into the kitchen ready to prepare a delicious meal for yourself and your loved ones. You open, chop, whip, pour, stir (take your pick) and finally open your oven to discover … crumbs as high as Ben Nevis, grease as thick as your arm and the smell of a thousand dinners gone before.
Makes you feel hungry, right?
You promise yourself you’ll tackle the job at the weekend. But weekends are short and, honestly, you have better things to do with your time. And what’s a dirty oven anyway? So another week rolls by and the crumbs, grease and smells grow higher, thicker and stronger.
The knights in shining cookware
Fear not! Your dirty oven is our bread, butter and delight. We’re a family business and we’ve been cleaning ovens with gusto for 17 years. We’ve got the tools, the manpower, and the appetite to tackle the jobs that would make lesser companies weep.
We want you to open, chop, whip, pour, stir and approach your oven to discover gleaming surfaces, shiny shelves and baking trays, a pristine hob and a safe haven for your culinary creations, whether it’s Taco Tuesday, baked-potato Thursday or the Sunday roast.
What we do
Our technician will arrive with everything required to clean your appliance. We’ll carefully examine the appliance and the working area to determine the best cleaning method. We’ll take off all removable parts and soak them in a dip tank while we scrub the rest of the appliance. Then we’ll put it all back together again, clean up the surrounding area – and leave.
It’s that simple BUT the delight is in the detail:
• No fuss or mess. Just a pristine oven and no sign we were ever in your kitchen.
• No environmental impact. We only use non-caustic, non-toxic cleaning solutions. And, of course, there’s not a scratch left behind.
And that’s not all…

Some additional information
• Most jobs take between one and three hours to complete.
• The dip tank is an independent cleaning tool supplied by us. It is filled with an effective, non-toxic cleaning solution that effectively dissolves accumulated grease and grime from racks, trays and other movable components of your oven and kitchen appliances.
• You can use the oven straight after the service but we recommend that before cooking you turn it on for at least 15 minutes in order to evaporate the moisture.
• We clean all types of surfaces including stainless steel, enamel, chrome and glass.
• The service is performed in the customer’s kitchen. We will not remove the appliance from your property.
• We provide protective sheets and pads to protect the working area. To perform the cleaning service, we require access to electricity and hot water at your property.
• We clean ovens from all manufacturers including Rangemaster, Smeg, Whirlpool, Rayburn, Neff, Stanley and more.